Here’s Why Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Dropped The PR Firm He Hired

ap_d6ab35139c9944d3b93d0917b0368e62-620x310Controversial Republican Michigan governor, Rick Snyder, has been struggling to not only fix the Flint water crisis but to rehabilitate his reputation and political legacy. You may recall Snyder recently hired Mercury Public Relations to help spin the issue and the public’s perception of how the former Gateway Computers CEO [website unavailable] handled the discovery of obscene levels of lead in Flint, Michigan’s drinking water thanks to a cost cutting measure to change the city’s water source.

Wait, is that right? You mean to tell me he was trying to shine up his tarnished image following the introduction of an irreversible, metal neuro-toxin to the city’s water supply and he hired a PR firm named after a slippery, liquid metal that if mishandled or drank is a known neuro-toxin? That’s…  I mean…  Wow. Mercury? And he just figured this out this week?

Here’s a commercial the firm was working on at the time of their dismissal:


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