Don’t Throw Out That Avocado Pit! Throw Out Your Old Blender!

avocado-885272_960_720Wake up fellow This Should Be Healthy health nuts! Did you know that an avocado seed contains 70% of the avocado’s antioxidants including a bunch of polyphenols? You may say, “But how do I eat an avocado seed? They’re rock hard and too big to even fit between my jaws!”

Well, you’re right but just because humans weren’t meant to eat this really bitter, nutrient-packed, fiber-rich superfood doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! And defying nature to get this terrible tasting pit into your stomach couldn’t be easier or more ecologically sound!

First, cut the pit into quarters! How are you supposed to hack this slippery, round, hard object into pieces? Not our problem, good luck figuring it out! Then you put the quartered pit into your most expensive blender, make sure it’s up to the task and you’re willing to buy a new one every week or so, and give it a whirl! While the pit is being pulverized we suggest shaking your fist in the air and saying something like “Fuck you, nature – I’m eating this natural thing against your will! Evolution be damned!”

The bitter powder you’ve produced will taste like complete shit so make sure to put it into something equally shitty tasting like a green smoothie or into something really tasty to make it foul tasting. We hope it doesn’t sabotage your delicious dish but if it does know that the thing you didn’t finish eating was good for you.




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