Following Rash of Terror Attacks Flagpole Manufacturers Introduce Half Mast Only Models


These flagpoles are specifically designed to only raise the flag as high as seen here.

Muncie, IN – American Flag and Pole, the nation’s leading manufacturer of flag accessories, introduced their new line of products at an industry convention today, including an industry first “half mast pole.”

“This revolutionary new flagpole is a first for the flag business and a first for our new world and our new normal. Seemingly everyday there are terrorist attacks or mass shootings around the globe and staying on top of these soul crushing reports can be overwhelming. Now, with our Half Mast line of poles there’s no need to stay on top of the latest news or fear that the groundskeeper, the student or the boy or girl scout volunteer that raises your flag in the morning will make the embarrassing mistake of accidentally raising the flag all the way following a tragic event.

“Previously we offered WiFi flag polls that receive a signal from our centralized servers that told the pole the appropriate height to allow the flag to be raised but users found more often than not that they were paying extra for the feature but only using a single flag position – half mast,” Ted Toreburger told a conference room of industry watchers and flag accessory makers during his keynote speech.

“Whether it’s a school shooting, a terrorist attack in a country you’ve never heard of or the tragic death of one of the brave men and women fighting for our freedom – this new always-half mast pole will spare you the embarrassment of bad press.”



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