Bernie Sanders Would Tax Wealthy Fetuses the Same as Working Adults

bernie-sanders-meets-baby-tease-160303_0f93176724ce53970b335b02976a4a7dVermont Senator and long shot Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders, has introduced a bill this morning that would raise revenues by taxing the unborn fetus of a wealthy couple at the same rate of a working adult if restrictive abortion laws are passed by Congressional Republicans.

“If you come out of the womb with a silver spoon in your mouth, we should be able to tax that spoon. These unborn fat cat babies on Wall Street have been living high on the hog for one, two, sometimes three trimesters without paying a single dime towards their fair share!

If Republicans want to put restrictions on a woman’s right to choose we’re going to ask them to put their money where their mouth is and recognize their unborn baby as a full citizen of the United States and thus subject to the laws and taxes. If you are using the infrastructure of this great country that the middle class has worked to build you should have to pay your fair share, even if you live in a womb,” Sanders told rally goers at a sold out arena in Wisconsin yesterday.


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