Racist Singles Hooking Up at Trump Rallies Thanks to Trumpr App


nazilovebirdsMore often than not when the media describes a crowd at a Donald Trump political rally they use words like “hate-fueled,” or “angry” but we learned there’s a little more nuance to Trump’s crowds when we interviewed some singles that were there looking for love.

Until Trump’s campaign took off there wasn’t a safe space for racist singles to find like-minded romantic partners but these rallies have been magnets for lonely people looking for someone who shares their core values, politics and pigmentation. An inspired young coder decided to make a mobile app called Trumpr to help facilitate these love connections and monetize the opportunity.

Users create a profile on the Trumpr app and are asked a series of questions to determine eligibility. Questions are answered on a scale of 1 to 5 and include the standard dating site fare about your personality and your idea of a fun evening with themore Trump-specific question peppered into the mix. We’ve assembled some of the more unique ones below.

With 5 being definitely agree and 1 being do not agree please respond to the following statements “As of today America is a great nation,” “We must go after the bad guys,””Jews control the media,” “Every Muslim is evil,” “Catholics are part of a cult and the Pope wishes to take over the world,” “I enjoy long walks along a concrete border wall,” and “Hitler was right.” After uploading a picture the app checks to confirm the contrast of your skin and if approved you are matched up with nearby like-minded singles.

You then swipe up to show you are interested in them and swipe down if not. If you swipe down Trump’s voice says “your fired” and an animated guillotine virtually chops off the offending user’s head shot and it lands into a recycle bin icon.


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