People Mover, Regional Bus System and Detroit’s M-1 Rail Line Get Rebranded!

635944135677741301-M-1-Rail-car-rendering (1)The revolutionary but disconnected Detroit public transit system will now be connected in one way exciting –  their branding! The 3.3 mile (wow, that’s over 3 miles!) that goes from Downtown Detroit to New Center will be known as… brace yourself – QLINE!

The Detroit People Mover will henceforth be called the SuPINE, the DDOT (Detroit) bus system will finally merge with the SMART bus system (county) and be known as the DCLINE!

“The launch of QLINE, along with our new partners SuPINE and DCLINE marks a significant moment in the development of Detroit. Quicken Loans is proud to play our part in the beginning stages of modernizing the transit system in our burgeoning urban core at a cost that could have easily brought a more sensible bus rapid transit system that would serve this enormous city and it’s surrounding communities much better” Jay Farner, president and chief marketing officer of Quicken Loans, said in a press release.

The People Mover is an important raised track one-way loop that serves an area of downtown that any healthy person could walk to almost as fast as the cars move and has several stations that are inaccessible by those who can’t climb the stairs to get to them. You may remember it being honored in the classic Simpsons episode about the Springfield Monorail and it seems like many of the most beloved aspects of the People Mover project are being faithfully recreated on the QLINE!

QLINE is another in one of Dan Gilbert’s completely tasteful recent rebrandings. You may recall Greektown Casino being changed to JACK, his QUBE building on Woodward and his hilarious Comic Sans letter to LeBron James.


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