Build Your Own Satire!

build your own

TSBTN Headquarters – Hello all budding satire writers!  Here at TSBTN we are excited to announce our first Build Your Own Satire submission path.  The steps are easy!  Study this image closely…

  1. Study this image closely… (Pro Tip, notice that the state of Michigan is missing from the map!)us missing michigan
  2. Select from a preselected list of eye-catching titles or add your own!
  • Alabama climate change scientists plan for future maps as Michigan sinks!
  • Obama forces Michigan to secede from the USA after Flint disaster! (Thanks Obama)
  • Senate votes to demote Michigan to Central America after Flint water crisis!
  • Add Your Own title!

Write your insane story content here and TSBTN will pick the best or only entry and flood all major* social media sites including Facebook, Reddit, Pornhub and Twitter with this story!

*TSBTN cannot post to 4Chan.  That’s where the devil makes potty.






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