Melania Trump Has Been Drugging Donald, Working for Putin to Control U.S.

mindcontroltrump2It is a fairly well-known secret in Washington D.C. intelligence circles that Melania Trump has ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin that go way back to her days in the former Yugoslavia and that the FBI has a large and active dossier on the brash billionaire’s better half. Now documents obtained and published by WikiLeeks shows that intelligence agents in the United States believe the fashion model turned bride of Trump has been working with the KGB (or Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation as they are called now) since before the two were married.

In fact, their meeting is hardly a coincidence, it was all a very carefully orchestrated plan by Russian spies in an effort to take control of one of America’s most beloved, shrewd and successful capitalists and use his wealth, persona and power to infiltrate the highest levels of the American government and economy… and destroy it from inside out!

The beauty queen is certainly no dummy and she has played her dual role to perfection. Sources say she has slowly been introducing sodium pentothal based drugs to the Donald’s diet and plays subliminal messages around their spacious home 24/7 written by Putin himself. The drugs and barely inaudible messaging work to slowly erode the free will of the victim until he is a broken down, empty vessel for whatever their puppet master commands of them. This explains why Trump and Putin have been so chummy in the press and why Trump has himself transformed from a neo-progressive Clinton supporter to the fascist would-be tyrannical president he is now – he’s a victim of puppet master Vladimir Putin!

Please share this story with anyone who will listen so we can save the Donald from the evil Russians hellbent on restoring the Soviet Union to it’s former glory and making the United States a puppet state of the reformed Soviet Union! Alex Jones and Info Wars – we need ALL your available resources to fight this invasion! NOW!

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16 responses to “Melania Trump Has Been Drugging Donald, Working for Putin to Control U.S.

  1. Finally the truth. Let’s save the Donald from Putin’s world dominance schemes. I say an immediate citizens’ arrest of Melania followed by enhanced interrogation techniques that go beyond water boarding is essential to the salvation of our beloved leader and the American experiment of government by the people.

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  3. I new it, I new it. The commies have finally found a way to take over my Merica. Oh well, He Trump is still preferibel to that murdering, crooked atiest liberal witch.
    Just gonna have to hold my nose a littel tighter wens I’s vote. Russians ARE white, aren’t they?


      • Well i’s suppose we could built a wall for the Asians too. Vermin Supreme and Taco Trump sures do makes a nice couple though. USAR! USAR! USAR!!!!

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    • Haha well Russia is a vast land clearly you have never seen a map Russia is closer than you think the Bering Strait is about 82 kilometres (51 mi) wide at its narrowest point, between Cape Dezhnev, Chukchi Peninsula, Russia, the easternmost point (169° 43′ W) of the Asian continent and Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, United States,


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