DNC Chair Mixes Up Her Bernie Demands with Hoops Pep Talk, Team Quits at Halftime

DWSMarchMadnessThere was political and basketball Madness this March when Democratic National Committee Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, visited the Florida Golf Coast University Eagles men’s basketball team at halftime of their First Round NCAA Tournament game with roundball powerhouse North Carolina and delivered the wrong address.

The Eagles were down just 1 point to the heavily favored Tar Heels when they assembled at halftime for a pep talk delivered by Wasserman-Schultz. The congresswoman delivered an impassioned plea to the starry-eyed youngsters that despite their nominal point differential to concede and just let their heavily favored, establishment opponent win and not move on to the next round of the tournament.

The students were offended yet conflicted as the NCAA has very strict rules about fixing games or shaving points and this was a highly respected elected official, sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States asking them to let their far more famous opponent fulfill their manifest destiny. So the young, impressionable Eagles team came out and scored just 27 points after the half, losing to the North Carolina Tar Heels 83 to 67.

It wasn’t until she returned to her seat to watch the second half of the game that she realized that she had mixed up her hoops pep talk with her impassioned ultimatum to Senator Bernie Sanders. The letter that demands, despite still being very much in the race for the democratic nomination for president, that the wildly popular populist pull out of the party’s nomination process had gone to impressionable young athletes. Worse still they had actually thrown the game at her request.

Meanwhile, a baffled Sanders campaign received a hand-written speech from the democratic party leader encouraging them to hit the boards, be good team players and make Florida proud.



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