Aquaman Movie Will Be NC-17 Thanks to Success of R-Rated Deadpool

nc17aquamanWarner Brothers and D.C. have long envied the success that Marvel Comics based movies have enjoyed at the box office and are working hard to replicate that success with their vast cast of well known heroes. Now that Fox’s big gamble on Deadpool, an R-rated superhero flick marketed exclusively for adults, has paid off big Warner wants a piece of that lucrative adult audience.

The writers assigned to the Aquaman solo film have been told to retool their whole script immediately to explore the most decadent depths of comic’s King of Atlantis. We were first to speak with Warner Brothers’ Geoff Johns, “It is going to be like Jaws meets the Blue Lagoon meets Captain Ron. Our market research shows that fans want blood, celebrity dick jokes, topless sex scenes mixed with slapstick and screwball comedy so we’re going to give them all of that and more.”

“Aquaman is going to have 5 or 6 unique acts. First an origin story establishing his powerset and how he came to be the King of the lost underwater city of Atlantis, next will be courting his potential queen which features a lengthy nude shark attack sequence, then falling debris from the Man of Steel film hits Atlantis and he goes to land looking for revenge where he is literally a fish out of water getting into zany adventures and falling into a dark drug and sex addiction with the land lovers. The last act is great and I don’t want to spoil it but let’s just say it will make Caligula look tame.”



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