Hillary Clinton Receives Formal Invitation to Join Exclusive “Our Turn” Club

ourturnHillary Clinton, the pre-appointed Democratic nominee for president, is set to shatter the glass ceiling in American politics and become the first woman to lose a presidential election to a piece of human garbage! In fact she has already been invited to join the exclusive community of presidential also-rans called the “Our Turn” club by (club) president Bob Dole.

Clinton who is still technically in a primary battle with the far more likable and electable Democratic challenger, Bernie Sanders, is gobbling up superdelegates and states that will inevitably vote for a Republican in the general election as the party ignores Sanders’ hot hand, recent election history and the nation’s collective opinion of former Secretary of State Clinton.

The debates with Sanders serve as preparation for a November Clinton defeat at the likes of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or whatever more electable subhuman slug slithers onto the national stage spewing bombast and balderdash between then and now. The loss would make Clinton a shoe-in for the hoity toity club of anointed losers who have waited patiently in the wings of their respective parties for an opportunity to blow their party’s chance at the presidency in some weird suicidal showing of steadfast loyalty.

Clinton, following the coming crushing defeat, will join a bipartisan club that boasts some of American politics most beloved has-beens like Bob Dole, Al Gore, John McCain, John Kerry, Mitt Romney and coat check boy Jeb Bush. In the meantime enjoy watching Clinton desperately claim Sanders stood with the Minute Men or campaigned against the auto bailout while DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz helps rig the primary in every way possible to secure Clinton’s place as the nominee this time. After all, just because the Democrats have a popular candidate who can win like Obama in 2008 doesn’t mean they have to nominate him and win like in 2008!


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