In Show of Brash Hipster Irony Chicago Millennials Shut Down Trump Rally

trump2If there’s anything millennials in the Windy City love it is irony for the sake of irony and safe spaces. Well, Trump protestors assembled at today’s Trump Rally at The University of Illinois at Chicago did exactly what they are worried that a Trump presidency would do – stifle free speech and stop peaceful assemblies…  and take away their precious safe spaces! Irony self-high five.. or whatever!

They used their unironic Chicago mob mentality and raw strength in numbers to ironically (?) protest the candidate’s rhetoric and the hatred we’ve seen at previous Trump events.

Later, they made their way into the event where thousands of protestors acted exactly like the very worst random screwballs we’ve seen at those embarrassing Trump events. That behavior ultimately served to violate the assembled crowd their right to peaceful(ish) assembly and robbed Presidential Candidate Donald Trump of his constitutional right to free speech. USA! USA! USA!

Woohoo! Self-awareness rules! Surely Trump will not find sympathy in this or use it to shamelessly raise the profile of his campaign. And shouting “Bernie! Bernie!” will turn hundreds of Trump backers to vote their way or just make the Sanders campaign look good before a press eager to call them “bros” and find excuses to dismiss the Vermont Senator! Way to go, Chi-Town! 



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