“Hot Felon” Signs Modelling Deal Thanks to Symmetrical Head and Life of Crime

modeldoucheWho says crime doesn’t pay? Jeremy Meeks, the “Hot Felon,” is entertaining numerous acting and modelling offers – careers he never previously pursued or dreamed of, just for having the good fortune of being arrested and having an attractive mugshot!

As proof that if you don’t bother working hard at it, have no particular natural talent for it, have invested zero time or study towards it you can be anything – if you’re lucky enough to be born with attractive features that is! If you’re attractive and looking for exposure why not commit some random crimes and hope for good lighting at the police station? Here’s some highlights from Jeremy’s IMDMV page:

Our beloved bad boy first made headlines in 2002, when he served a two-year sentence for grand theft of a person!  BE STILL MY HEART!

After leaving prison, Meeks reportedly got into legal trouble again in 2005. According to documents obtained by the Smoking Gun website, Meeks was reportedly arrested for alleged identify theft in 2005. SO HOT!

Online records show that Meeks was a listed as a defendant in Spokane, Wash., courts five different times from 2005 to 2007. LORD HAVE MERCY, WHAT A DREAM BOAT!

According to KTXL-TV in Stockton, Meeks was convicted of theft in 2005 and forgery in 2007 and served less than 75 days total for both offenses. MY PANTIES ARE MELTING BUT I’M KEEPING AN EYE ON MY WALLET! 

Way to go Jeremy, we hope that Hollywood loves a bad boy just as much as the internet apparently does! After all what’s more sexy than forgery and identity theft? Hubba hubba!  Just don’t get fat or damage those striking good looks or else…  Back to the slammer for you, you hunky thief!


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