Up In Smoke: Denver’s Former Marijuana Dealers Struggle to Find Friends Sans Stash


Slim Grim shown here, alone, playing “All By Myself” on his out of tune guitar.

DENVER, CO – The legalization of weed has had many unexpected socioeconomic side effects on the state of Colorado, both positive and negative. For instance although the tax revenue has surpassed even the most bold predictions it also means that many of the state’s underground dealers have found themselves unemployed… and friendless.

We spoke to “Slim Grim,” a 32 year old former pot dealer who says his business dried up within a week of legalization, “I really thought these people liked me for me. I mean, we’d talk about Phish for hours when they’d stop by to buy a bag. Now, the same people who used to say I was the jammingest hackysacker in the Mile High City won’t return my calls when I ask them to play disc golf. It’s almost like all our complicated high fives and shared roach joints meant nothing.”



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