Congressional Republicans Pass Bill to Force Third Term of Failed Obama Presidency

It’s only March and already 2016 has been the wildest election year in modern history. Bernie Sanders miracle campaign and record shattering grass roots support would have dominated the headlines in almost any other year had Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson not lent their special brand of wackiness to the fray. Trump, Rubio and Cruz are locked in a Mexican standoff with live rounds being fired in front of the whole nation.


Now, Congressional Republicans are starting to sweat the reality of a Trump presidency. They won’t admit it but they would prefer another Clinton to Trump. They worry that he can either beat Hillary Clinton straight up in the general election or she will indicted by the FBI during the campaign and either be ineligible or damaged beyond repair. So they’re considering the unthinkable – four more years of President Barack Obama.

Paul Ryan admitted as much in an email obtained by This Should Be the News, “Obama, really has been great. We can rally the base up into a racist frenzy and run against him to hold on to the Senate and House. We can complain about his failed policies and blame him for doing nothing. We can say we want to repeal his policies without actually having to do something that would end up being unpopular and damaging the party. It’s the best of both worlds and the economy is coming back, gas prices are down, unemployment is much better. We have it pretty good right now. Let’s pass this thing and force this weak, feckless, petulant child with no leadership skills to do another four years of what he has done really well so far – lead.”


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