Amnesty?! Trump’s Shocking New Proposal!

21119130686_ce51e6594d_kDonald Trump who has prided himself on being the strongest, hugest and bestest on immigration said something at a rally today that has his supporters and the beltway scratching their heads!

Trump addressed the angry mob gathered at the rally, “I am going to make America great again and that means stopping all immigration into the United States until we figure out what the hell is going on. I will be deporting a lot of these Muslims, a lot of them, they’re really something, aren’t they? With the praying and the everything…  After that I will be seizing everyone’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and we’re going to find out who these people who have attacked me and said nasty things on the internet really are.

I call them the haters and the losers and we’re going to unfriend them like you wouldn’t believe. We’re going to sue them and deport them like they’ve never been sued and deported before. They’re outta here. Losers. Haters. All of them, outta here!

Unless they renounce their candidate now. I’m offering, and this is the deal of a lifetime, believe you me, amnesty to any white person that renounces Cruz, Rubio, even Hillary or Bernie and pledge to support Trump going forward. This is a one time deal, folks so you’re either with me or you’re against me. You want to keep your house and your citizenship and your wife and your kids when I get to the White House? Support me now before it’s too late. Otherwise, I’m sending my personal SS, the Secret Service, to your house to yank you out. We’re going to make America really, really, really, really great again. Really!”


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