This Ford Bronco Was Totally Made for AC Cowlings to Bust OJ Out of Jail



OJ checking out the new Ford Bronco!

We cannot wait to see what Kardashian family friend and bad boy co-creator of the television sensation “The People vs OJ Simpson”, OJ Simpson, will look like busting out of his Nevada prison in this muscular 2020 Ford Bronco! Some die hard Ford Truck fans took it upon themselves to render their very own conceptual image of what they hope the truck will look like but we can’t help conceptualizing ways OJ could use this beast of a machine!

Ford has hinted that 2020 could be the year they bring back the beloved Bronco and we’re sure they’d love to see the most famous star ever associated with one, the Juice, reunited with a brand new white Bronco and back in the news. With it’s high stance, big, off-road tires, a heavy duty suspension and skidplates standard driving this Bronco means no terrain is off-limits for OJ to hunt down the real killer of his ex-wife! No more hiding!

Imagine AC attaching a winch (sold separately) to a prison wall, putting this bad ass Bronco in reverse and yanking the wall from the foundation. OJ running to freedom like he was back in one of those Avis commercials we all loved so much!

Maybe OJ could drive onto a baseball diamond and disrupt the national anthem with a bunch of gnarly donuts on the infield just like a scene from the Naked Gun films! We can’t wait for the Juice to get loose or for this truck.


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