Reunion Summer! These Bands Split Up and Ran Out of Money So We Get a Reunion Show!


A winter of failure for our most beloved artists once again means a summer of nostalgia for music fans!

For years Guns n’ f’n Roses fans must have found solace in the knowledge that the Eagles called their successful reunion tour “Hell Freezes Over” after Don Henley and Frey said that was what would have to happen for them to get back together. Money woes seem to have had a thawing effect on their hearts and they managed to tour for years after the initial cash grab.

Well, Gn’R fans, it looks like Axl is running low on funds and he finally extended an olive branch to Slash and the band so we are going to be treated to a concert featuring at least 4 very happy musicians and one pouty kilt wearing redhead.

Flight of the Conchords are back too after Jermaine’s movie career failed to take flight and Dean and Gene Ween are reuniting after a brief separation.

Thank you, almighty dollar and poor wealth management, for keeping the scene alive!


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