Exclusive: Fashion Designers Preview Their Red Carpet Oscar Fashions!

redcarpetOnly This Should Be the News has access to some of the most exclusive designers for this years Oscar nominees!

#OscarsSoWhite has been trending on Twitter ever since the list of nominees came out without a single minority being honored despite some very strong performances. The hashtag is a criticism of the Academy of Motion Pictures selection process and allegedly an inditement on the movie industry as a whole.

But hey, we’re not here to talk the politics of movie making, we just want to see what the beautiful (white) people will be wearing this Sunday!


This little number with clean lines will be worn by a certain Hollywood heartthrob who is nominated for Best Supporting Actor!


Nothing says Golden Age of Hollywood like the timeless fashions of the classic film Birth of a Nation! The tasteful director who dons this loose fitting number is going to feel as cool as he looks even under Oscar’s bright white lights!


We’ve seen the Eisenhower jacket make a comeback last year so why not purpose this look for some brave Lead Actor? Just be respectful and take off the hat when you get indoors!



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