Rumor: Obama to Overwhelm McConnell with the Whitest SCOTUS Nominees Ever

overwhelmedmitch2Despite statements by Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, that they would not even entertain vetting a Supreme Court nomination President Obama seemed undeterred and experts say that is because he has a secret weapon in his back pocket.

White nominees! For the past 7 years President Obama has been collecting names and pigment counts for some of the nation’s most talented caucasian and albino lawyers and judges, anticipating  just such a battle. It looks like the president is ready to fight the soft Republican racist fire with pure redheaded ginger fire!

What will the party of the angry, old white guy do when confronted with a flood of pure aryan nominees? Will Mitch stick to his pledge to ignore his sworn duties to the citizens of Kentucky and the United State just to sabotage the legacy of the nation’s first black president or will he cave to his devotion to the white race? One thing is certain – this is going to be quite the election year!


One response to “Rumor: Obama to Overwhelm McConnell with the Whitest SCOTUS Nominees Ever

  1. Mitch McCannell needs to get out of he’s chair drive around he’s state and do some work for the poor people the leaves under the bridges bring them food provide shelter for them. Let our president do he’s job and yes we the people got him in office so let him dicede


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