LA Roofer BJ Simpson Says “No One Suffered Like Me at the Hands of OJ”


bjsimpsonTelevision sensation ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson’ has Los Angeles roofer BJ Simpson pining for the days when people would make jokes that his first name was an abbreviation for a slang term for fellatio. Fast forward to 1994 when BJ Simpson found himself the innocent victim of a terrible crime. “I don’t think anyone was as bummed out about the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman double murder and trials more than me. I really was put through hell and this television event is really bringing back a lot of that pain.” the unfortunately named BJ Simpson told us.

“Morning shock jocks would call the house and ask me dumb questions like ‘Hey, BJ, have you found the real killer yet? Hey, BJ, are you late for your flight? Hey, BJ, where’s Leslie Nielsen and AC?’ Then they would drop some out of content catchphrase on me like ‘butt good’ or ‘ca-ching’ and hang up. I wouldn’t even know what they meant but it hurt all the same.”

Now BJ spends his free time heading up a non-profit support group for people with names that sound similar to those of history’s worst monsters – Tim Bundy, Joan Wilkes Booth and Jonathan Stalin are among the groups members – called “It Ain’t Me.”


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