Cruel Bonnaroo Organizer Gets Off On Listing “And Much More” On Flyer With 40+ Bands

screen-shot-2016-01-14-at-10-17-17-amPromising new bore-core trio grAVit8tonalwAVeswho stand out in a crowded field of popular new bands that specialize in ambient pitch shifted endurance kazoo music over an out of tune toy piano repeating a single note, were totally devastated to find they were not listed on the 2016 Bonnaroo flyer and were lumped in with three other bands as “& much more”.

“Flux Capactitor?! Roman Gianarthur?! Whilk and Misky?!?!?! Waxahactee? Lolawolf? Con Brio?!?! Are these even real fucking bands?  Hermitude? Hermi-fucking-tude is billed above us?! These band names aren’t even real words…  There’s a thousand bands on this fucking thing, they couldn’t find a place to shoehorn us in? Jesus!” lead washboard player and composer, Theodore Thundawhistle, was heard saying when the lineup and graphic was released to the public.


Can you believe some of this shit?

Sources close to the Bonnaroo brain trust say that the “& much more” is used as a power play to keep some of the lesser bands in line. They explain to the bands with a completely straight face that they didn’t have room on the flyer or, if they’re feeling especially ballsy, that the printer ran out of ink.



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