Sports Illustrated Finally Embraces the Objectification of Plus Sized Women

Ashley-GrahamMany sports fans had no idea there would be history in their mailboxes last week when they found the 2016 issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue! Covergirl Ashley Graham burst through the supermodel glass ceiling as the first plus-sized model to grace the magazine’s pages…

But Ashley didn’t just make history inside the magazine – her bust was busting out all over the cover too! Amazing!

For too long fashion designers, magazine editors and Madison Avenue advertising men have been mandating what the ideal body type is for our hormonal young boys to pleasure themselves to. That creates a dangerous and unrealistic image of the kind of sex object they can hope to bone in their adult lives and pressures women into maintaining unrealistic and often unhealthy bodies. This vapid pursuit is bad for the sexual development of both genders. Now, Ashley represents a step towards acceptance of all body types as suitable vapid objects of desire. That’s progress!

Sure, there are some wealthy or alpha males that will actually manage to win a real, live breathing sex trophy that looks like she stepped out of the pages of Sports Illustrated but many others will have to settle for women like Ashley with curvy, human proportions. Others will have to set their ambitions even lower and actually find the inner beauty in the unsexy gutters of interesting conversation, common interests and complex emotions – things the magazine doesn’t seem ready to embrace. Yet.


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