Reporters Don’t Challenge Senate Republicans, Who Will Work 26 Weeks in ’16, Suggestion Obama Should Freeload Too

mitchFollowing the sudden, unexpected death of overweight 79 year old Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, Republicans are urging the man they accused just days before of not leading to not lead and skip out on the part of his job where he’s required to select Scalia’s replacement.

“This isn’t a time for us to blindly follow the instructions established in the Constitution as we all swore to do. No, this is a time for sloth and obstruction not for the benefit of the country, the country has most definitely suffered due to our pussyfooting ways but to do it for our political lives which have thrived thanks to it.,” Mitch McConnell told reporters looking for his thoughts on who should be allowed to select the next justice. Despite all-time low congressional favorability numbers and an increasingly angry electorate Mitch was adamant this was how they would press on.

All of the reporters were apparently asking how the congress would handle the unexpected SCOTUS opening because Republicans implied that maybe the next president should select the media believe it was a valid opinion because they couldn’t be bothered to open a fucking civics book and have the brass to call this bullshit out or they were under the impression that the duties of the president do not apply to the 7th year for some stupid fucking reason.

Mary Hart and Mario McGrath would have asked tougher questions than any of the Sunday morning talking heads did today.


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