SNYDER EXPOSED: Michigan State Employees in Flint Had Two Water Fountains

flintfountainsDamning evidence about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s apparent cover up of the Flint water crisis continue to drip out. The latest is that the self-professed “One Tough Nerd” had two separate water fountains installed anywhere in Flint state employees were present.

Worse yet the fountains were labeled “regular” which implied it was sourced from the Flint river and “unleaded” which was either treated water from the river or from bottled water that was shipped in. People who lived or worked in Flint were asked to drink from the “regular fountain” and white state employees were free to drink from the untainted fountains. The clean water fountains required the user to answer questions about the TV show Friends, the National Hockey League or George Straight.

This criticism follows a tone-deaf video that began to circulate. The video was hastily put together by Snyder’s PR firm attempting to rebrand the lead contaminated water as “Nerd H2O” – a desirable fortified sports soft drink.


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