SyFy Cancels Trumpnado Pilot

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 7.29.41 PMHOLLYWOOD – Quick on the heels of the Sharknado 3 success, the SyFy network launched into pre-greenlight negotiations for the Trumpnado special scheduled for late summer ’16. Donald Trump was to star in the special effects thriller and launch him forcefully into the November elections. However, the tides have turned as SyFy is pulling out of the project despite star interest by Ian Ziering and Benjy Bronk.

Unfortunately the glut of remaining candidates in the GOP field and their equal time clauses made the project cost prohibitive. Producers tried to find vehicles for every remaining candidate to comply with the equal time laws. Ted Cruz was set to star in a movie about a Disneyland like amusement park gone haywire in “It’s a Gated Community After All”, Jeb Bush was signed on to “The Cut of Your Jeb” which was a remake of the popular murder musical Sweeny Todd.

Producers are still hopeful to get Mike Hucka-Killerbees into production as soon as the former Governor admits that he’s no longer a viable candidate. Our sources inside SyFy say “the script is just too good too pass on and we’ve already shot some test footage of the bass guitar playing Africanized bees, it’s amazing.”


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