Internet Law 43a.958 Says We Have to Post Bowie and Mercury’s Isolated Vocals

freddiebowieWe are literally the last website to post this. Today we were finally served papers at our offices ordering us to share it so here it is.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s really good. Really good. I love Queen, I love David Bowie and I think they’re both fantastic musicians. In fact, I think Queen was, top to bottom, the most talented band ever. They each wrote #1 songs and could sing and play other instruments. However, we thought the internet had heard and seen this video of Bowie and Mercury singing Under Pressure with all the instrumentation removed enough. It’s amazing but you’ve probably seen this already at least three times today so we figured posting it would be redundant. We weren’t wrong…

However, the Supreme Cyber Court of America determined that did matter so here it is.


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