Fisticuffs at TMZ Office Over Whether or Not to Tag Rene Angelil a Celebrity Death

tmzdionFollowing an internal kerfuffle the HQ of TMZ are totes dunzo, yo!   January has obvi been a boondoggle of a month for elderly Euro-celebrities, especially Brits! We know there was much cattywampus over the passing of Motorhead’s Lemmy and who could forget the ballyhoo about David Bowie getting the boot from this mortal coil? That was closely followed by the ramshackle news of Alan Rickman’s sudden death shenanigans!

It goes without saying that the staff over at HuffPo were in a persnickety mood when news of Celine Dion’s age inappropriate husband and age appropriate pseudo-euro manager from Montreal Rene Angelil’s death came across the news wire but their moodiness quickly boiled over into a slobberknocker hella qix!

See, Harvs was all like “he’s not a celebrity you so cannot use that tag” and then the guy with the dreadlocks was all like “uh huh, he totes is.” A mousy woman piped in and said “he is a celebrity because he became famous for being too old for C-Dion, yo.” To which the big bossy woman had no reply…  except a knuckle sandwich! Everyone started fighting and the offices are totally in shams for realz!

Anyhowz we’re going to ask random celebrities on the red carpet tonight with not even a slight connection to Rene how they’re handling his death so we can silently judge their level of sincerity. Tune in! It’ll make you feel better about yourself… Briefly!



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