Ted Cruz Ate His Own Booger, Looks a Lot Like Mumm-Ra from Thundercats 


It can’t just be me.

Presidential hopeful and United States Senator Ted Cruz was fired up following a… Geez, hold on. I mean just look at that giant gaping maw. You think he chews his food or do the digestive acids in his saliva start breaking down the food as soon as he puts it in there?

Anyways, following President Obama’s State of the Union Ted Cruz, the ever-whining, went on Fox News to flap his well-moistened gums “We need a commander-in-chief who will speak the name of our enemy – neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton is willing to do so – and who will do what it takes to defeat … radical Islamic terrorism.”

“I will summon the ancient spirits of evil and they will transform my mealy mouthed form into Mumm-Ra, the Never Electable.” He didn’t say that last part, I just made it up. Sounds good though, doesn’t it? Did you know he was born in Canada?




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