Los Angeles Wins Bid for 2016 Election Riots!

chadsLOS ANGELES – The Riot Action Committee for Bridging True Reform (RACeBaTR) selected Los Angeles, California as the site for the 2016 Presidential Riots closely edging out Boston, Baltimore and Detroit. Los Angeles’ bid was heavily counting on a Donald Trump victory in the November 2016 general election. “If anyone other that Trump wins the Presidency, this whole thing was for naught.”, reported Aggie Usedly on the LA City Council.

Los Angeles has a long history of successful riots, last seen in 1992 in support of Rodney King, excelling in non-sports related rioting. The RACeBaTR officials hope to use the site of the Rose Parade in Pasadena as a staging area for rioters but admitted that coordinating these things is more art than science.


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