Frito-Lay Sends Ammon Bundy New “Hungry Rancher” Doritos

doritosOREGON – Snack food king Frito-Lay has responded to Ammon Bundy’s desperate plea for snacks at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge where he and his fellow freedumb fighters are held up protesting the federal government with a gift of a custom Dorito brand flavor!

“Hungry Rancher” flavored Doritos is a completely new SKU developed solely for pouty, hungry welfare queens in cowboy hats occupying a federally owned building. The flavor is identical to the very popular “Cool Ranch” chips but the packaging is unique. Each individual bag, think the same sized that you’d see in a vending machine, contains one single Dorito chip. Frito-Lay says it’s the appropriate amount of reward for a long, hard day loitering at gunpoint.


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