Netflix Crossover is Happening! Daredevil Will Avenge Steve Avery in DD Season 3!

daredevilTrue believers assemble, Daredevil is leaving Hell’s Kitchen and going to Wisconsin! Potential spoilers for both shows after the jump… Excelsior! 

Two of Netflix most popular properties are teaming up to fight for justice in season three of the critically acclaimed Netflix hit original series Daredevil as Matt Murdock takes his brand of blind vigilante justice to Wisconsin to fight, sometimes quite literally, for convicted killer Steven Avery. Avery was, of course, the focus of another hit Netflix original series the documentary Making a Murderer.

Daredevil’s alter ego, blind defense attorney Matt Murdock and his business partner Foggy Nelson watch the 10 episode documentary and are enraged by the behavior and unprofessional prosecution of both Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey. They travel to Manitowoc and Calumet Counties to uncover the truth as the legal team of Murdock and Nelson by day and Daredevil will punch and kick his own special brand of justice by night.

Early reports are DD justifies his beaten confessions from Manitowoc law enforcement agents in flashbacks to the coerced, fabricated video taped confessions they extracted from mentally feeble 16 year old Dassey. Angry viewers of Making a Murderer are promised several episodes where smug and suspicious players in what seems like a state-wide conspiracy against the Avery family are punched, kicked and judo flipped for 10-20 minutes in agonizing long segments. Ken Kratz is said to appear in several of those episodes.

Right now the working tag line for the season is “Justice May Not Be Blind in Manitowoc, But Vengeance Is!”


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