Stereotype Smashed! This 90 Year Old Gay Man Wants You Off His Lawn Just As Much As a Straight 90 Year Old Does!!!

Hector Black has been on NPR StoryCorps, Radiolab and probably some other shows made up of compound words. He also revealed his touching story of bravely coming out to his family at age 70 in an interview with Ari Shapiro… But only This Should Be The News has the exclusive story that he’d appreciate it if you’d get off his damn lawn and that he’s going to get a shotgun out of his closet, just like a straight 90 year old would, and if you don’t get a-moving he won’t hesitate to put some rock salt into your kiester, mister!

It’s nice to know that we are all equally bitter on the inside! Straight or gay… Old and… Older!


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