Throw Away Your Specs! – Eating Carrots More Effective Than Lasik or Eyeglasses!

carrots!Your mom said “eat your vegetables” and Bugs Bunny said “what’s up doc?” Well, it turns out that they were both onto something when it come to eye health! 

According to a LOT of important natural, organic food and alternative, wholistic medicine websites written by bloggers with really, really good high school educations and experience doing yoga your “lame-stream” eye “doc” may be holding back some important information about the raw, unbridled power of adding organic, heirloom carrots to your diet. The news is that carrots are “a great source for a form of vitamin A known as beta-carotene which, in addition to giving carrots their orange pigment, plays a critical role in maintaining good vision.” A critical role! Right there is the evidence you need to make the reasonable jump to the obvious conclusion that you no longer need glasses if you eat enough carrots and that “traditional” medicine is a lie!

The study goes on! “Furthermore, beta-carotene may protect the eyes against cataracts and macular degeneration.” May? MAY?! Have you been listening?! Of course it may! Carrots are a superfood. Further, turmeric, the delicious spice MAY help with depression so throw out your meds and eat more Indian food! And throw out those glasses and get behind the wheel and blog your way to better health!

Disclaimer – we can’t sue us or hold us responsible in any way for these natural cures if you kill yourself or anyone else, we are just bloggers!


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