Frustrated Climate Scientists Give Up On U.S. Congress, Move On to Warning Migratory Birds About El Niño


MINNETONKA, MN – Scientists are reportedly so frustrated with the bull-headed bought and paid for Congress who refuse to acknowledge the manmade aspect of climate change that they have moved on to addressing migratory birds who they feel may be more open-minded to their peer reviewed and accepted findings. 


We spoke to Dr. Elliot Snodgrass who told us, “Migratory birds represent a demographic that is already seeing the real damage of manmade climate change. They are having trouble getting to warm, southern climates in time due to warmer, fall-like temperatures that last well into late November and mid-December. This lulls them into a false sense of security and when winter does come full-blast they’re too far north and it’s too late. This year with the El Nino effect it could be even worse. The challenge here is language and communicating big concepts to these bird-brains, fortunately, our time dealing with the American Congress has prepared us well for this challenge. This time we’re skipping the leaders of the flocks and going straight to the average birds which we also learned from foolishly thinking we could reason with the people who make up the United States Senate or House of Representatives.”


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