4/5 Trump Supporting NRA Members Would Prefer to Be Shot By Light-Skinned Christian

trumpnrapollThis Should Be the Poles conducted a poll of NRA members who identify themselves as Donald Trump supporters and found that a shocking four out of five respondents said that if given a choice of attacker in the now pretty much inevitable event sometime in their life they are shot in a public space they would prefer that the bullets come from a light-skinned, preferably Caucasian Christian male between 18-31. 

Here’s some quotes from a sampling of our respondents:

  • Patrick Asner, 54, of Troy, MI “I would want a President Trump to do everything he can to keep the Muslims out of our country and guns flowing to our all our lawful, Christian citizens so he can make it great again. Sure, I know the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people but we have to be smart about this and if it’s going to happen anyways, frankly, I just like the idea of someone who looks more like me murdering me in cold blood. Like back in the old days.”
  • Donald Mcintyre, 64, of Ft. Worth, TX “I don’t like people wearing these big towel things on their heads. It’s ridiculous. They don’t even go in the pool and yes, call me racist but I’d just prefer to be shot by an American revolver bought off Craigslist in the shady middle of the night transaction and held by an overweight American in a 10 gallon hat. That’s the way my daddy went.”
  • Brice Johnston, 28, of Charolette, NC “We need a wall around all of America, even the shore line. I’m worried that one of these ISIS fell’rs is going to swim across the Atlantic so he can shoot up our local United States Post Office before someone local gets to do it. They shouldn’t take that job from a Christian USPS employee. It’s just plain wrong.”

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