Liberty University Teaches Word of Christ and to Liberate Souls from Bodies


Man of the cloth and perhaps the bottle, Jerry Falwell Jr., son of Liberty University’s founder, Rev. Jerry Falwell, made some waves the other day when he addressed an audience on campus. Liberty, known for churning out tax dodging charlatans who live in vast mansions, was his stage as he slammed President Obama for his misguided effort to prevent criminals and the mentally unstable from getting guns in the first place rather taking the path blazed by Christ.

Jesus Christ, who you may remember from Bible study class for being a pacifist who despite having unlimited supernatural powers willingly let himself be publicly tortured and later executed by one of the most painful methods known to man, would obviously prefer to give a firearm to every man, woman and child. He would give them brief target practice and safety instruction. He would provide some fast draw lessons and send them on their way. Falwell noted that when God became flesh in the form of Jesus that he came to understand exactly what it is like to be human, to be tempted, to be angry, to be hungry, to be desperate. Clearly this unique insight would motivate Jesus to make sure as many human beings as possible were armed and he would pray to God the Father that these newly armed citizens are Good Guys 24/7 and not susceptible to human flaws, emotional outbursts and mood swings. He would also pray that they would be up to the challenge of killing heavily armed, premeditated attackers wearing full body armor and have true aim in the heat of the most traumatic event of their lives.

For as Christ carried the cross to Calvary, a physical burden that represented the sins of all men regardless of their religion, sex or race so to does Falwell, Jr. carry a pistol with Christ-like crosshairs in his back pocket in the event he has to kill one of those men that Jesus saved. As the bible says (somewhere in the back by the index) “Let he who is without sin shoot the first bullet and let it begin with me.”



One response to “Liberty University Teaches Word of Christ and to Liberate Souls from Bodies

  1. I confess I want to antagonize a bit…

    Peter had a sword with him and was good enough to take just an ear (I fenced in college, such shows some practice). And Jesus never concerns himself with worldly role based ethics of military personnel etc. but Paul leaves him his sword. I’d even venture at some level, love is being displayed when we care enough to “shoot ol yeller” so he doesn’t hurt anyone.

    Not every criminal is Hitler; even Bonhoeffer took a crack at him.

    I’m not for arming everyone and Foulwell is a moron; there is a fine line between being incapable and a pacifist, a eunich and celebite.

    My problem is when people think they can have clean hands just by not pulling the trigger themselves or only at certain times. I hold to the act responsiblely and accept guilt (sin boldly per Luther). I think it’s responsible to protect others, but if it gets to the point you even need a gun there is already some guilt (even if just group sin as a culture).

    So I don’t begrudge Foulwell his pistol, just his faith in them.

    Besides, “if a terrorist dies in his sin, then Jesus didn’t die for him” anyways (to change St. Anslem’s qoute by a word or two). But that’s limited atonement and a whole other ballgame. But if Foulwell or you or I or a cop take out an active shooter, its maybe best to do it quickest…

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