Reese in Pieces? Witherspoon’s Relationship on the Rocks!


HOLLYWOOD, CA – A source close to John and Reese Witherspoon says the showbiz super couple’s turbulent, whirlwind romance could be coming to an end!

An insider within the camp of comedian John and actress, producer and America’s sweetheart, Reese, say that their fairy tale story may unfortunately becoming to an end. It seemed as though fate had tailor-made the two lovebirds for each other with their matching names (awwww!), their shared silly sense of humor (who could forget that deleted scene from Legally Blonde 2?!) and the plane crash that saw them spending two years together, Witherspooning (awww!) on a deserted island and eating the flesh of their fellow passengers for nourishment and to¬†appease the island’s angry volcano god.

We’ll be watching you two very closely, don’t make us sabotage another press tour to bring you back together, Witherspoons!


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