ICP and NRA Team Up to Stop Gun Violence with Magnet Gun

icpgun2Bad boy clown rappers Insane Clown Posse and the National Rifle Association have teamed up to help solve the growing problem of gun violence in the United States. ICP, taking their fascination with the mysterious power of magnets, and the NRA, taking their fascination and mysterious belief that guns are the sole solution to any problem including those related to and caused by guns, teamed up and came up with a revolutionary new revolver – the magnet gun!

The gun is designed to be used in the completely unpreventable event of a bad guy with a gun going on a violent rampage. The good guy with the gun magnet simply withdraws the weapon from his holster and pulls the trigger. That turns on the powerful electromagnet at the end of the barrel and the magnet sucks up all the bad guy’s bullets. The NRA promises that all airborne bullets and untethered metal objects within 100 feet will come flying at the wielder of the weapon at breakneck speeds, fast enough to prevent the bad guy from doing any further damage and satisfying the NRA’s lust for deadly subsonic airborne projectiles in civilian spaces.

Congressional Republicans are likely to fast track legislation to get the magnet solution to market since it is shaped like a gun and guns are really, really, really cool. As an additional bonus they believe the bill has the potential to send the President into a painful fit of laughter and frustration when it arrives at his desk.


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