R. Kelly Named Asparagus Growers Brand Ambassador


SACRAMENTO, CA – R&B superstar R. Kelly and the California Asparagus Commission announced earlier today that he would be championing a national campaign to get more inner city kids to introduce more green vegetables into their diet. 

The “Trapped in the Closet” artist said that he has always been concerned with the health and weight of young people, especially teenage girls who may have body issues, and that he wants to ensure that they have access to a steady stream of nutrition. Kelly, to his credit, is a marketing wiz as proven by his series of “Trapped in the Closet” videos released in a slow leak, trickling one part after another, saturating the airwaves of MTV, BET and VH-1 with his marathon #1 song.

CAC chair Claire O’Phil said “Kelly is a well known figure among those in the asparagus aficionado community and has a unique reputation with our members. So much so that we felt it made him a natural fit for our new campaign. We look forward to him personally going to inner city high schools and educating teenagers one on one about the importance of a balanced diet and the nuance of asparagus consumption.”


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