Pioneer Women Shatter Glass Ceiling! U.S. Prefers Watching Fairer Sex Punching Each Other!


The battle of the sexes is over and… sorry, men – the ladies have won! That’s right, thanks to the popularity of fighters like Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano it seems like America would rather sit down as a family and watch women punching each other in the face more than men punching each other!

So, knock that smug look off your face, mister, the statistics are a clear knockout blow to the egos of sexist pigs the world over! When it comes to the sweet science of boxing and mixed martial arts no longer are women relegated to being sex objects like ring girls or valets. No, now when it comes to bloodsports they are men’s equals! And when it comes to Rousey their betters! She makes more than 90% of other fighters and all she has to do is get in a cage and throttle another human being until they’re unconscious. These are salad days for women and, as a man I can say with 100% confidence that Susan B Anthony would be proud of this new gender equality.

Unfortunately when it comes to virtually every other occupation women are not making the same or more than their male peers and no one seems to have a solution to this issue. Perhaps women should call Ronda to negotiate their next contract.


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