Top 3 Reasons to NOT Rake Your Leaves!

2976979197_898a0127c3_bThat crisp autumn air has arrived and experts say that when it comes to raking your dead leaves it’s okay to let them go this fall! Leaves are a natural mulch and provide nutrients to your lawn and plants but there’s other 3 other reasons experts won’t tell you… but we will! 

  1. If you rake your leaves it makes me look bad for not raking mine and I thought you were a better neighbor than that. Was I wrong about you? Are you out to make me look bad or something?
  2. The simple fact is I have more trees on my property than you do and the leaves are really piling up so if you’re going to rake anything you should come over here and do mine first. Just take them to the curb, the city will do the rest.
  3. Seriously, listen: raking my leaves is better exercise than raking your stupid leaves plus I think there’s a dead possum underneath them and I don’t want to deal with it. You’re better with that kind of thing so don’t worry about your leaves, just get over here already, you lazy bum.

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