OUTRAGE: King Obama Lays Wreath at Tomb of Soldier He Cannot Even Name!


Obama, complete dismissive that the man in the “Tomb of the Unknown” has a name!

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY – “President” Obama today took time from his busy golf and basketball schedule to participate in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, sacred ground he shouldn’t even be allowed to step foot on, where he said the nation is boosting funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs. It’s likely all that money will be diverted to the Presidents beloved inner city welfare queens but regardless he said the nation is making progress on problems like veteran homelessness (we gave them army boots with straps, they have plenty already if you ask me) and reducing a backlog of disability claims. Keen readers of my columns would know those claims are nothing but pathetic entitlements, un-American at best and typical communist Obama government handouts at worst. One of their hands is already holding out an Obama Phone why not fill the other one with cash directly pulled from our pockets?

The president said a bunch of bleeding heart bullshit to the lamestream media and eventually laid a wreath at what he arrogantly called “the Tomb of the Unknowns.” Can you imagine? A President Trump, Bush or Carson would at least bother to learn these men and women’s names! They died keeping us safe and Barry can’t even find time to put down his Lucky Strike and learn their names. Disgusting.


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