Trump Visits SS Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial, Calls Ship and Crew “Losers”

losersedmundDETROIT, MI – Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was on the campaign trail again, visiting a solemn “Lost Mariners Remembrance” vigil at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum November 10th on beautiful Belle Isle park in Detroit. Trump was heard mocking the ceremony loudly; making raspberry sounds, scoffing and commenting that if he was aboard the boat would either not have sunk or he would have saved all 29 men since he’s a “tremendous swimmer.” He boasted that Michael Phelps told him that if he took the time to train properly he could win more fabulous Olympic medals than anyone in history, including him. The crowd began to hush Trump who briefly piped down but could not stop rolling his eyes as a local musician performed the Gordon Lightfoot classic “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

Things got ugly when bells tolled for each of the lost crewmen. Trump made personal attacks on the crew after each bell sounded, muttering things like like “loser, fat pig, worst deck swabber ever, failure, not a good swimmer,” and finally calling captain Peter Pulcer “a very low energy captain – the worst captain in the history of Lake Superior”

Trump briefly took questions after the memorial; when asked why he even bothered to attend if he was going to mock the fallen crew Trump responded “Look, I like boats that don’t sink. As far as I’m concerned the ship stunk and the whole crew are losers. If I’m elected president I will order all boats not to sink. Vessels are going to be so buoyant under a Trump presidency that you’re going to puke from sea to shinning sea sickness.”


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