HEARTWARMING! Guilt Ridden White People Make Black Man’s Non-Lethal Police Experience Go Viral!

viral_facebook_post_10_29_15_1446147527944_412670_ver1.0TUCSON, AZ – There’s been so many stories of police brutality and abuse of power lately, especially with minorities, that when you hear about the rare one that doesn’t result in blood-shed it’s almost a moment worth celebrating! That’s exactly what white people around the country did when they were tickled pink(er) by Steven Hildreth, Jr. of Tuscon, AZ’s post detailing his startlingly normal experience when he was pulled over for a missing headlight with a concealed weapon. His positive experience reads almost like a 5 star Yelp review!

Here’s the mind-boggling normalcy as detailed by Hildreth himself:

  • Police notice he has a missing headlight.
  • They pull him over.
  • He states that he has a concealed weapon permit and a weapon. He also does not have his registration on him.
  • Police take the weapon.
  • They issue a warning about the headlight and registration and return the weapon.

Isn’t that amazing?! The jaw dropping part is that he was black and he was treated like a normal citizen, just like everyone wishes every person was always treated. So kudos to you Tuscon police for being normal! We can’t wait for the day that normal is the new normal in America!

In the meantime, this single post of an encounter that went right serves as a great piece of evidence for your jerk uncle to justify his defense of police brutality! No matter how heinous and violent! Everyone wins!


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