Early Lions Game Has Fans DVRing, Asking Friends Not to Spoil How Team Blows It

6650070The Lions are playing the Chiefs in London this week and that has a lot of fans who enjoy sleeping in more than they enjoy watching losing football thinking about DVRing the game and watching it “time shifted.” Time shifting is a term coined in the DVR age for watching an event on a delay but sports and event television requires an extra step of “going into the bubble” to avoid any kind of media – radio, internet, TV, even text messages – basically anything that may ruin the watching experience by spoiling the ending.

As such many Lions fans are begging their friends on Facebook to leave them alone so they can experience the misery, surprise and shock of witnessing the new and innovative way the team will let them down this week in real time.

We spoke to a long time Lions fan who agreed to speak with us if we promised him anonymity.

“I’ve been a Lions fan since I was born and since 1958 they’ve just won a single playoff game. Just one… in over 50 years. This team has provided me with so many amazing gut-wrenching memories. I’ve been punched in the gut by the way Suh was allowed to walk, kicked me in the nuts over the way they treated Barry Sanders and his early retirement. The team has taken the contents of my wallet and virtually set them on fire before my very eyes when I had season seats for the 4-0 preseason that was followed with an 0-16 season. They’ve let Matt Milan run roughshod over the team for years while I sat, helplessly watching as he salted the artificial earth of Ford Field, leaving the franchise and roster in shambles, I’ve heard Bobby Ross, a good man, a good football, family and military man, driven to near madness shouting ‘abandon ship – womp, womp’ as the disease that is the Lions infected him.”

“I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss another emasculating minute or have it spoiled by some social media blabbermouth.”

The Lions play the Chiefs at 9:30 AM EST, 8:30 Central, it will air on Fox.


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