Only TRUE 90’s Kids Will Appreciate These 90’s Inventions, Sorry Millennial Kids!


Is that… CANDY CORN! Hella yeah, dawg! You knew your Halloween costume was ALL THAT if you got some of this treat created in the ’90’s dropped into your hallowed out pumpkin!


BEEEOTCH! You’d better file my papers! If you’ve ever used one of these filing cabinets, invented in the 90’s, than SNAP! – you a 90’s kid, playa!


You’d better know how to work one of these 90’s classic inventions or your dope chica might just think you’re a SCRUB! If you want to smack it up, flip it, rub it down – oh no! – you’d better know how to work one of these!


WASSUP!?! Who brought the sousaphone to the party?! If you didn’t have one of these 90’s classics at your party you’d better TALK TO THE HAND, GIRLFRIEND, WE BE LEAVING!


Who could forget that 90’s past time of Saturday mornings watching the mutoscope and eating some crazy cereal mom bought. Like this TOTALLY 90’s SHREDDED WHEAT BISCUIT! YEEEEAH BOY!


If you were one of the lucky kids on the good side of the tracks your dad might have brought home a Stadimeter one day! You could go almost ANYWHERE and measure the distance between you and a far away object! Unfortunately for me, I come from a poor family and we had to use an old sextant but, hey, that’s just the 90’s!!!


Now this one isn’t exactly a 90’s thing but the 90’s was one of the last times you could gather together in the town square and enjoy a good decapitation! This photo is from the execution of Jean-Baptiste Dagorne. Me and my buddies can still picture his severed head rolling down main street! THE 1890’S RULED!



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