New Hillary Emails Reveal Shady Correspondence with Nigerian Prince

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been embattled with Republicans over the use of a private email server that she used while working for the Obama administration. Although Secretary Clinton has handed over the server and it contains the vast majority of her emails sent during her time as Secretary of State. She did delete her personal emails before she handed it over; emails she claims were of a private nature or family business and had no relevance to her role as Secretary of State. Republicans want to see these emails especially those sent during the time of the Benghazi incident in Libya. The FBI has been enlisted and has been able to restore many of the deleted emails; the contents of these emails are starting to leak to the beltway press. 

The most recent leak is of particular interest because it details direct correspondence with a foreign head of state to commit bank fraud and liberate frozen funds in an orphaned account. The emails reveal that, as implausible as it may sound, Clinton has some passing blood relation to Jonas Savimbi, a rebel leader who rose to be King and who apparently controlled diamond and gold mines in the region. Naturally he had many enemies and had to go to great lengths to hide and protect his wealth.

Jonas was later arrested in a violent political coup and his son, Prince Johnson, was looking to access these abandoned accounts but needed Clinton’s assistance. For her part in this exchange Clinton would be given “200KG of Alluvia gold dust, ‘family treasure’, several millon [sic] dollars and great favor with the king when he is restored to power.”


Clinton, amid the Benghazi scandal, was also communicating with a Nigerian Prince about illegal banking schemes.

The prince reiterated that this transmission was of an urgent matter and it’s unclear how Secretary Clinton responded to his plea as of press time.  Savimbi did stress in the correspondence that he believed Clinton to be a trusted and reliable person with an ‘awesome heart’ and sincerely hoped that she would not “betray him at last.” He “anxiously awaited reply at soonest last.”

It should also be noted that Clinton had remarkably similar dealings with a Mr. Wong Du of South Korea and Engineer Frank Oliver of Sudan.

Thanks to Jeremy Harvey for the tip on this breaking story.


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