The Truth About Facebook’s New “Dislike” Button

facebookMENLO PARK, CA – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted a Q&A at the gorgeous new Frank Gehry, noted architectand illuminati member, designed corporate campus and revealed what many Facebook users have been clamoring for – a dislike button!

That news might have been enough to satiate the tech journalists in the audience but we at This Should Be the News teamed up with our good friends at InfoWars to question some Facebook employees that we cornered in a men’s room. We learned that there are several alarming new buttons coming along that aren’t nearly as innocent, their subversive messages rolled into your favorite social media site with the tide of excitement for “dislike.”

We managed to get screen grabs of some of the new buttons and have disseminated them here.


Outwardly liberal Zuckerberg is all too happy to add this “peace” sign and tell you it’s for spreading love but we all know that Zuckerberg is really a secret Richard Nixon backer and each time you share this symbol 2 cents goes towards a Kickstarter to clone our 37th president.

FBHS2This is the symbol that Eminem and Fred Durst used liberally in the ’90’s to let us know they are bad boys who don’t play by society’s rules! What they don’t know is that this originated in New York’s 1970’s gay scene. To be seen making this symbol in a photo is an invitation to other gay men and says you’re DTF other party boys. What does this have to do with Facebook? Zuckerberg is a known and admitted Pisces. Need I say more?   

FBHS3Hang loose is what this symbol says to the happy go lucky surfers in Hawaii. Facebook has a much different purpose for the gesture. This is a “go” sign for terrorist sleeper cells in small town American cities. You might think little Billy is just experimenting with getting mellow when he gives you the “hang loose” sign but what he’s really saying is “GO! Attack, my Facebook minions! Show no quarter against the infidels! LOLz” 

FBHS1This is supposedly a juvenile symbol used by drunken college kids who use too much Axe Body Spray but this is actually the Illuminati’s secret hand signal. The Walton family is known to do this hand symbol all night at holiday get togethers. Sharing this one may make you giggle at the thought of a dirty gesture but your corporate owners see it as a branding. If this is on your wall, they own you.

 FBHS5This is one means “eating pussy.” Remember when we said Zuckerberg is a Pisces. Typical Pisces.


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