The “Who Gives a S***?!” Channel Launches with an Astonishing Amount of Programming

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.14.12 AM

LOS ANGELES – After years of speculation, the Who Gives a S*** (WGAS) suite of channels launched to much fanfare and industry accolades. WGAS has been speculated about for years as people genuinely refer to likely stories or topics that belong there. Simultaneous launches of “I Don’t Give a Toss” in the UK and the “WTF” channel in Australia were met with enthusiastic stares.

Who Gives A S*** owner Julia Caldwell confirmed speculation that there will initially be 18 individual channels with round the clock programming. “We’re not vetting anything. We receive submissions directly via digital transmissions, courier, and grease-stained brown paper bags. All submissions go directly to air, without hesitation. We’re aiming to be Twitter for TV obviously.” Julia said.

Rival channel “Who Gives a F***” was unavailable for coherent comment. Repeated calls to their offices were met with “whatever” and “meh” before hanging up.


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